Official Rules

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General Rules

  • Jewerly metal/plastic: None(Including earrings)
    • Exceptions: Medical bracelet or necklace
  • Shin guards: Mandatory (plays can not play without them)
  • Hard cast: Player can't play
  • Soft cast with insert: Take out metal/pastic insert
  • Slide tackling: Not allowed (must be called)
    • Exception: Sliding for a ball with no player around is allowed
  • Warn clothes under the uniform: Yes
    • Exception: Dangerous clothing (i.e. hoodies not allowed)
  • Pets: Not allowed (game can't start)
    • Exception: Service dog (must be vested with papers)
  • Smoking: Not allowed (youth sport)
  • Alcohol: Not allowed (youth sport)
  • Any team down by 3 or more goals may add a player. Once the score is within 2goals, the extra player must be removed. This applies in every recreational game except during the U-11 through U-15 tournament play.


  • Spectators are permitted to be between the fields. Spectators can sit on either side of the field. No spectators can sit directly behind the goals or alongside of them. Coaches, please attempt to promote a 2 yard barrier between the spectators and the fields. This barrier prevents parents from directly yelling at the kids as they run by and provides you with more coaching (players can hear you better this way).

The Great Player

  • Some teams will have that one player whose skills are further advanced then all other players and can/does score 5-10 goals a game. In most cases, a great young player turns into an average United FC, High School or adult player. The information coaches and parents need to know is as simple as this statement "Even though he/she can score numerous goals at a younger age level, he/she is not becoming a true soccer player". He/she generally lacks in passing, defending, using both feet, playing all positions, keeping his/her head up and most importantly being a team player or a future star. To increase their abilities we recommend you attempt to do the following:
    • After scoring 2 goals make him/her get two assists to other players before scoring again.
    • After scoring 2 goals make him/her play a more defending role where their job is to play the ball to an open teammate or space.
    • After "A" or "B" and you want him/her to score another goal or two, make the player score with their weaker foot.

The KASL board and all the coaches who contributed to the making of these rules understand the goals KASL is striving for. Yes wining is important, but first and foremost every player should have a sense of pride when playing soccer and a feeling of enjoyment. Through you, we hope that during every practice or game, you instill the KASL goals of respect for all participants, equality for all abilities, pride in the game they play, acceptance of all outcomes, playing fair is the first priority and most importantly “the love of the game”.