Game Reports 

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  • Either print the PDF and fill one out for each game or download the Excel, type inyour players information and only have to fill out the date, teams and field number foreach week.


Coaches Analysis of the Referee/s 

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  • Same options as above; you may also email completed Excel version back to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." .


Coaches Pass

"WYSA Link " (this is for new and renewals)

  • New Coaches: once approved by KASL, you must apply for a coaches pass.
  • Returning Coaches: please complete your renewal in the off season prior to the expiration date listed on your pass; it takes roughly one month to process them.
  • All Coaches:  contact KASL for the coupon code for WYSA to bill KASL.



Coaches Corner of Instruction (loaded when in red) 

  • Coaching Terms: This link is good to go "Terms"
  • Dribbling: Individual Cones 1 on 1 "Gate"
  • Passing: Individual Cones 1 on 1 Gates
  • Crossing: Individual Cones 1 on 1
  • Games: "Page 1" Page 2 Page 3